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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Can I receive additional financial aid after special circumstances?
Answer: If a student feels the determined EFC does not adequately reflect the upcoming financial year, a student may file “special circumstances” with his or her school’s financial aid office. “Special Circumstance” claims may include a parent’s loss of income, high medical bills, loss of social security, loss of child support, etc.

A student must first file a FAFSA form. Once the Student Aid Report (SAR) is received, the financial aid office should be contacted for further instructions. This process may delay the re-evaluation process for The J. L. Bedsole Scholarship and for this reason the student must immediately notify The J. L. Bedsole Scholars Program.

The J. L. Bedsole Scholars Program does not make determinations as to a student’s financial status. All financial information is processed through the college.