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Finalists Ranking Online

Online Ranking

Each candidate has been assigned a unique scholar ID number to be used to view the candidate's online ranking. The rankings page is displayed as a PDF file and requires Adobe Reader for viewing. A free copy of Adobe Reader may be downloaded from Adobe's website.

Rankings will be updated as new info becomes available. A red ranking indicates that the necessary financial info has not been received from the college. If your listing remains red for an extended period of time, please contact The J. L. Bedsole Scholars Program. Please keep in mind that we may not receive your financial information until June.  If the ranking appears as regular black text, the required financial info is on hand, but a scholarship has not yet been awarded and/or accepted. A blue ranking indicates an award has been made and accepted.

The Scholars Program will award up to 35 scholarships for the 2023 - 2024 school year. Finalists are encouraged to visit the rankings on a regular basis to check their award status. Be advised that a candidate's ranking may actually go up if a higher ranking finalist drops out of consideration, so check often.

The Scholars Program cannot award a scholarship without receiving the required financial information from the college. This information is necessary to determine eligibility and calculate the amount of an award. It is vitally important that each candidate file a FAFSA as soon as possible. Not filing a FAFSA may jeopardize a candidate's eligibility for a scholarship and cause them to be dismissed from consideration!

Click here to view the Finalists Ranking Online.

If you have any questions concerning your ranking, please call us at (251) 432-3369 or email info@jlbedsolefoundation.org.