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Question: What are the policies concerning scholarship renewal?
Answer: All J.L. Bedsole Scholarships are evaluated annually to determine any changes in “Unmet Need.” Scholarship amounts will be adjusted according to the changes in “Unmet Need.”

Factors that may change a student’s “Unmet Need” are largely due to changes in EFC and additional scholarships/aid the student may receive. Some factors affecting EFC include a change in parent/guardian income, change in student income, siblings entering/graduating from college, change in a student’s marital/dependency status, etc.

If a current J.L. Bedsole Scholarship is re-evaluated and no “Unmet Need” is found, the scholarship will be reduced to zero and the student has the option of remaining on "Active Status" in the program. Active status allows the student to take advantage of all programs sponsored by The J.L. Bedsole Scholars Program, without receiving a scholarship grant. As an active status student, he or she must comply with all scholarship requirements in order to remain in the program.

Active scholars will continue to be re-evaluated for financial need and if any need is found, the student will be eligible to once again receive a scholarship grant based on his/her current "Unmet Need." An Active status student will only be eligible for renewal of a scholarship within a four-year time period from the year of selection into The J.L. Bedsole Scholars Program.